Raking and removing leaves

Leaves happen, not only in autumn, but year round. Deciduous trees drop all of their leaves in autumn or winter. Some of these trees are quite colorful as their leaves loose chlorophyll (green pigment which masks other colors) before dropping. In Southern California, gingko and liquidambar are probably our most prevalent and colorful species. Evergreen broadleaf trees (such as eucalyptus, tristania, magnolia, carrotwood, etc etc etc ) also drop leaves throughout the year, but also seasonally as they put on new growth. As a routine maintenance task, and our crew members are well acquainted with the use of rakes to gather and dispose of fallen leaves. One of their least favorite leaves to clean up is the sycamore, due to its large size, crunchy nature, and dustiness. Sycamore trees often are infected with anthracnose, a fungal disorder which causes its leaves to turn brown and drop off prematurely. Their favorite fallen leaves are those that are small to begin with, and turn to dust and blow away upon dropping from the trees.