November 9, 2002

Postscript to 11/5 News

Postscripts to Nov 5 News:    

"John Janowiak of the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center in Maryland told state officials to expect above-normal precipitation in the southern half of California. He said the north-central part of the country and Alaska could experience milder than usual temperatures this winter.

Now brewing in the equatorial Pacific, this year's El Niño, a warming of ocean waters that
alters weather patterns, is not expected to be as severe as the 1997-98 season. The effects
of weak to moderate El Niños are more of a toss-up, said Kelly Redmond of the Western
Regional Climate Center in Reno.

"El Niño does not necessarily have to be strong to cause disruptive or memorable weather
in parts of the state," he cautioned."
Los Angeles Times 11/9/02


"The storm did virtually nothing to ease the region's severe drought. The groundwater table
that lies beneath north-central Orange County is still overdrafted by more than 130 billion
gallons. The wildfire season remains in effect.

But for the first time in 604 days, the county received at least an inch of rain from a single
storm. And some areas - notably upper Silverado Canyon - recorded more rain in one day
than the county's main recording station in Santa Ana averages during the entire month of
November."   OC Register 11/9/02

Not only did I post the following item regarding our local lack of rainfall: I also washed my car--- always a powerful incantation to the elements.  Therefore, I am claiming full responsibility for the rain.  Are we going to have a wet winter?  Jury's still out. Go wash a dirty car . . . but make sure you recycle the water! !

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